Hettich Kitchen Accessories

Pure outside, patented inside -that is the motto of modern kitchens. Intelligent fitting systems from Hettich help to create innovative functions behind attractive fronts. Make efficient use of small niches, narrow cabinets and inaccessible corners as desired by the customer: create a clear view and easy access to stored contents. The flexible organiser systems can be adapted to the users‘ individual requirements. High-quality materials and an attractive design create an aura of first-class quality.

We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design.  Priding ourselves on this, we develop and produce a vast range of fittings – from drawer and runner systems to hinges, decorative handles as well as folding and sliding-door hardware. 

Good furniture needs good solutions – for the home the products we deliver to you are 


Drawer system

Drawer runners

Folding & sliding door sytems

White Goods


Lighting in furniture, fitting in cabinets, Flap Fitting,

Locking System etc.