Laminate floor is a floor covering made of pressed wood.  The top only looks likewood (sometimes stone, though) because it is a photograph covered in a clear “wear layer.”  

While routinely confused with vinyl flooring, laminate is not vinyl flooring because it is made of completely different materials.

Laminate is a type of synthetic flooring that is made by fusing several layers of different material together using heat, pressure, and adhesive, in a process known as lamination. While laminates are often manufactured to replicate the look of a variety of hardwood surfaces, they actually contain no wood materials. Rather, they are constructed from resins and fiberboard particles.

Laminate Flooring Advantages: … Unlike hardwood, marble or carpetlaminate flooring does not fade in the sunlight and is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches. This is due to the incredibly durable melamine plastic wear layer laminate flooring manufacturers use for the top surface of laminate floors.