With unsurpassed quality, outstanding style and ISO 9001:2008; 14001:2004 certifications, Jayna sets the standard in contemporary sink ware. A Choice of architecturally inspired designs nurtured with high quality 304 grade stainless steel, Jayna sinks not only enhancesthe aesthetics of your kitchen but are also engineered for lifetime usage. 


Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks are ideal for apartments and homes with smaller kitchen areas, these sinks are crafted from AISI- 304 (18/8) grade Steel sheet in square, rectangular and circular shapes with compact bowls. Provide functional extension of worktop with harmonious impressions. Deeper bowls sound deadening pad and better coupling give them an edge.


 Unmatched performance and distinctive style, defines Apollo series range. Plastic coating and polish, prevents scratches, wear and tear. Available in 10 styles, including round sinks, rectangular and square sinks with varied depths and sizes. Maximizes functional space. Use the second sink for pots and pans, or cover it with a cutting board to cut fruits and vegetables. Multi tasking gets easier.


 Premium quality single bowl sinks. Crown series is perfect for heavy duty cooking and meal preparation in residential and commercial kitchens. Transitional design for any décor, the Crown Series boast of deep designs and compact styling. Overall, these sinks are among the most durable materials in the market, which don’t chip or crack or even peel,prevention from scratches and dents is guaranteed.


Over 70 percent of kitchen sinks are now designed with stainless steel and this series is a prime example of the same. The ATLAS Series, designed with stainless steel of high quality, guarantees variety of benefits such as corrosion resistance, durability and protection from wear and tear. Available with and without drain-boards, these sinks offer several advantage, such as little upkeep or fuss free maintenance. The ATLAS series is 100% recyclable.