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Element is a Contemporary fire resistant safe, designed to withstand the most intense fires. It helps you keep your important documents and other paper valuables protected from fire. The elegant design of this digital safe makes it a perfect fit for both home & office use. This fireproof safe is equipped with a smart touch panel to add advanced security to your valuables, giving access only to you and your trusted ones. A safe that secures your laptop, gadgets and other valuables. This hi-tech home safe automatically freezes the keypad after 3 consecutive incorrect password entries. It has a low battery indicator, an audit trail facility and a mechanical override option in case the password is forgotten. Specially designed to offer superior security, Ritz comes with ‘i-buzz’ – an inbuilt alarm system that alerts the user in case the safe is tampered with. Equipped with sophisticated features, the safe is available in two variants ‘Ritz Touchpad’ and ‘Ritz Bio’ to offer secure storage as well as convenient access to cash, credit/debit cards, jewellery and important documents among other valuables. The sleek LED display on the front takes the user experience to the next level, while the ‘i-buzz’ system offers reliable security. Its strong double-walled construction offers the safe reliable resistance against fire and burglars. Its digital locking offers multi-level password protection and gets deadlocked for 5 minutes if wrong password is entered 4 times in a row. Strengthened with shooting bolt mechanism, the safe comes with adjustable shelves and an interior carpet. The safe, equipped with motorised shooting bolts for added protection, comes with a sleek LCD display. A mechanical override option too is available in case the password is forgotten. The safe also comes with an emergency direct current electrical source.
Halo Digital 8L is a compact, secure and affordable option to safeguard your precious possessions
LED display for easy viewing
2 motorized shooting bolts (solid steel)
Non-volatile memory, password retained even if batteries are removed
Mechanical override in case password is forgotten
Multi bend construction for superior strength
Compact with attractive aesthetics
Durable finish
Interior carpet
Option for anchoring and grouting
Enhanced battery life
Master & user password for better control
Changeable master as well as user password
3-6 digit password
Automatically freezes if wrong password is entered four times, consecutively