Eurotex Forest Floor

Engineered Wood Flooring is also known as composite wood flooring. It comprises a wide array of wood derivative products which are manufactured by fixing or binding the strands, fibers, particles, boards of wood or veneers in combination with the adhesives. This is a real wood consisting of 3-12 thin layers of wood, known as plies which are assembled and glued in a cross-ply construction.

Eurotex Flooring is a trusted supplier and exporter of beautiful engineered wooden flooring. This flooring is manufactured from different types of wood as per the diverse specification of our clients. The main advantage of our flooring is that it can be direct glued-down making the installation and maintenance easy & hassle free.

Combining the power of man and nature, we strive to deliver our clients a reliable and beautiful range of flooring for a range of business, office or home settings. Eurotex uses the best quality wood to bring a world of wonderful designs to you.