Euro Marine Ply is specially made to withstand rigorous condition of climatic changes, humidity level and other weather elements, Made from hardwood and bonded with high quality phenol forma ldehyde (PF) resin, Euro ply is well protected from fungi, termites and borers its bonding is intact even after 72 hours of boiling.

Euro Play is made from Hardwood and bonded with phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin for BWR Grade & bonded with UREA FORMALDEHYDE (MUF) resin for M. R. Grade. It is specially treated to repel termites and wood insects. It is made using high quality veneers of uniform thickness and chemically treated to make it Warp free amd dimensionally accurate.

EURO FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD is chemically treated with fire retardant chemicals that remain stable in high temperature and does not encourages spreading of flames and has a quality to retain strength for sufficient period of time.

Made from eco-friendly plantation wood and chemically bonded with quality resin, TUX ply and block boards are wining trust of all architects and carpenters all across India. TUX Ply and Boards are available in MR and BWR grade. It is normally used for furniture, partition, cupboards, etc.